Flowers and Trees

I exhibited my flower and Chamber paintings in "Flowers and Trees" a two person exhibition in 2013. Vladyana Krykorka showed her black and white Tree drawings.

Rose In a Bouquet

Flowers in a Gold Striped Vase


Flowers Everywhere

Gracious Tulips




Tall Flowers

Flowers and Leaves

Simple Flowers

Baroque Chamber

Blue Chamber


Calm Chamber

Morning Chamber

Notes about the Chamber

The chamber doesn't belong to me. It's in a tiny apartment on the top floor of a very old building in Geneva and it's ours to live in each time we visit. We move in as if it belongs to us. But it doesn't belong to us and it's full of the owner's collections, full of his memories. I loved being there but I never could paint there, it seemed so complete in itself. Then, after years it became familiar and I suddenly had right and reason to draw there! I can't explain that but it happens often to me. Oddly, the next time we visited big changes had been made but the timeless atmosphere remains.

Views of the Gallery installation

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